High Tea


Everything stops for a Fig High Tea!

Take in the amazing ocean views while debating which made-to-order delicacy to try next and which refreshment best suits your mood; fresh tea or a tasty tipple!

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With four different options to choose from, we really do like to spoil you...

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the fig is showcasing some fabulous artists and photographers right now!

at the pickled fig lindy boyle is showing off some of her amazing landscapes that quaintly emit warmth and traquility

at the naked fig, gwen velge is displaying his arial art until august. stunning landscape photography like you've never seen from all over western australia.


at the wild fig cafe scott armstrong has his celebrity stencil pop art. it's selling like warm fondant so if reasonably priced simplistic warhol-style portraits are your cup of tea, get some now.

The Fig Remake Comp


We're so excited to have the Black Swan Salon Des Refusés at The Figs, we have to do something grand. We're giving you two chances to win a caffeine society membership! (1 free coffee everyday for a year!)

Remake example

"I want that to be me winning the prize, how do I do that?"

Enter our remake competition! Simply remake an old photo (like in the photos you see in this email) and post it to one of the figs facebook pages (all 3 if you'd like to max your chances). The photo that gets the most likes will win!

Method and Ingredients 

But you said 2 chances to win!

 I know what I said! Don't interrupt me 3rd party hypothetical voice. The other prize will be decided by our fig panel of judges, feel free to enquire who they are so you know who to bribe. You know we're a bit different at The Fig so this is where you really want to go wild with it (not naked (maybe naked but do try to avoid it(please excuse triple bracket))). A crazy entry is not a guaranteed winner but it always helps to stand out.


All you have to do is get snapping and upload it to either theNakedPickled or Wild facebook page!